The Bridge School staff have a depth of understanding and experience regarding both the strategic development of a school and its operational implementation. The school has high values and proven outcomes working with a wide range of challenges which are often first observed within primary and secondary school settings. Importantly, we have current working knowledge of the broad range of challenges that you face within your school settings. We work at all phases of education, having a staff team that have worked in all phases of education.

Consultation can be requested from various Bridge School staff depending on the needs of your school. Types of work offered are:

  • Whole school Audits of Culture and Behaviour
  • Focus work with defined vulnerable groups
  • Individual student or class cases
  • Work with specific groups of staff or individuals regarding approaches to behaviour development, management, planning and intervention.
  • Development of Nurture provision

Costs are dependent on the duration of work and the numbers and profile of staff involved in consultation. If you would like to discuss the needs of your school further, with a view to using the services of The Bridge School, please contact Nigel Hunt (01928-581301 ).

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