Our intent for English in to deliver an engaging and aspirational curriculum that embeds key literacy for life skills to empower students in becoming confident in using the English Language. To develop a love of reading, writing and discussion so that all pupils are able to confidently communicate their knowledge, ideas and emotions through their writing and speaking. 


The KS4 English Curriculum aspires to allow opportunities for all to gain GCSE outcomes to support positive progression to post 16 education whilst planning for regular assessment and outcome windows through the use of Functional Skills awards throughout the Key Stage. Students have access to 3 x 45 minute lessons per week (Y11) or 2 x 45 minute lessons per week (Y10). All learners has opportunity to increase this contact time through bespoke 1:1 tuition or attending one of our recognised, Quality Assured Alternative Providers.

Areas covered within KS4 include:

  • Analysing fiction: types of text, setting, themes, characterisation and narrative, language and structure and responding to a fiction text.
  • Analysing non-fiction: types of text, context, purpose and audience, language and structure and responding to a non-fiction text.
  • Comparing texts
  • Writing fiction and non-fiction: considering  context, audience and purpose
  • Effective planning and literary techniques
  • SPaG
  • Speaking and listening


English is delivered over 3 hours per week in Key Stage 3, delivered by the KS3 teacher. Content is selected in order to link to the KS3 National Curriculum in order to support the re-integration of learners (where appropriate) 

Reading is encouraged, both as a discrete session and through cross-curricular opportunities. Different genre will be covered within each unit.

It would be difficult to cover specific texts from the GCSE syllabi as different texts are studied by each parent school. Instead, our writing themes change each week and cover a range of fiction and non-fiction genre such as: reports, diaries, persuasive texts, balanced argument, narrative, information texts, instructions, flashback, recounts. We will also use anthologies and short stories.


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