At Key Stage 3, our main aim is to develop students’ resilience. We aim to do this by identifying and introducing strategies to overcome individual barriers to learning. We try to reignite a love of learning through a safe, structured and child centred nurturing environment.

We aim to work with the learners to help them acquire and develop skills and understand their own barriers to learning to best equip them for the future.

Our curriculum seeks to offer flexibility to young people, allowing them to develop at a pace consistent with their abilities. Our aim is to help students to fulfil their potential and to support them to prepare for the next steps in their education.

Lessons with more academic challenge are delivered in the mornings, wherever possible. This is generally when students are more energised and receptive. Afternoons will be used for the more creative sessions such as Art and Food Technology.

The curriculum offered within Key Stage 3 intends to support learners to successfully transition back to mainstream education or specialist provision. Our practice is underpinned by the 6 principles of nurture and encourages students to become increasingly self reflective, engaged in their own learning and have the skills to effectively manage their emotions, behaviour and communication.

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