Dear Parents and Carers

I hope that I find you and your family well.

Since The Bridge School closed, we have been providing student work packs on request and updating our website and social media daily with learning resources. A small group of learners have been attending school throughout, and this week we welcome back some of our year 10 students for some face-to-face contact.

We also have some exciting learning news to share!

The teachers have been skilling themselves up in the use of Microsoft Teams. ‘Teams’ as it is most commonly referred to, has a range of uses, including being a great platform for remote learning. This means that your son or daughter can now access work that is set by their teachers at home. Teams can be accessed through any PC, laptop, tablet or phone.

The Teams application has a specific function for education and is now widely being used by schools, colleges and universities across the world. Our HBC IT infrastructure provides a highly secure environment for us to operate within. We expect your child to access Teams at home and complete work set for them. Their teachers will be able to mark work and give feedback, and your child will be able to ask their teachers for help through messaging.


Go to (or the school website) and log in with your school email address and password: 

Your child’s email:

Your child’s password: Schoolxxxx

Your child’s username:


Select the Teams logo from the Office homepage:

Click on the Teams app and you will arrive at your Teams dashboard. The centre of your screen will contain white tiles with the Teams that your child is in. They may be part of multiple teams, organised by different subjects. These have already been set up for you.

Click on a subject folder to see the work that the teacher has set. This may be a combination of things like written tasks, videos, quizzes and PowerPoints to watch. Your child’s teacher will have set a date for its completion. Students and teachers can communicate through Teams. This means that your son or daughter can ask for help and get personal feedback. When work is complete, hit the ‘turn in’ button.

If you have any difficulties, please contact either your child’s keyworker, or Nicola Gardener on 01928 5812301. You can also message our school Facebook page for support.


We look forward to welcoming your child for online learning.

All the very best, and stay safe.

Louise Ambler

Deputy Headteacher


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