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EITC Activities And Resources Hub

EITC Activities And Resources Hub

The Bridge School works closely with Everton in the Community. Everton have shared a link to their website which includes a long list of free resources and activities for young people. The site is being continually added to and as it evolves further it will become an...

Achievements and Success

Hi Mark,

I have just been showing the guys at work the pictures from the work that  has been done this morning. They are all blown away by what has been achieved in such a short time. I have already had 4 customers that  have given praise for the work that  has been done today and its only 1 1/2 hours ago.

I don’t want to take anything away from anybody but feel that I have to write  some words in praise of Dan and Patrick today. They have been superstars every time they have been here and it needs to be communicated to the powers that be at the bridge school. David has said that the Tuesday group where brilliant yesterday and the previous  time they where here. The whole group on the Wednesdays have been complete  heroes every time they have been here. Not just on the work they have done on the trails  but the way they have acted around the centre and have been with all the staff.

Richie my chef said that it has been a delight to cook for the guys in the way that everything has been enjoyed that thanks have been given and plates taken back. 100% commendable. Please pass on my thanks and the level of my appreciation to your head, deputy etc.

If it is possible for my appreciation to be put on Dan and Patricks report on progress them please make it so. If they would  like me to be a reference  for helping them in the future than again it is done.

As I said this is in no way taking anything away from all of the other  fantastic pupils you have. But these two shine as fantastic  people and I am blown away by the hard work and dedication they have shown at Oneplanetadventure

Parent views

We are so happy at the moment.  I feel I have my happy little boy back!

Parent of a year 7 student

My child seems happier, more settled and thanks to all the staff at The Bridge School, she feels confident for new beginnings. I would tell any parent, should they find themselves in a situation where their child needs to attend The Bridge School “do not worry, everything will be okay.11 If all mainstream schools had staff from The Bridge, The Bridge School would not be needed.

Parent of a year 10 student

My son is treated with respect and recognition of his personal qualities. The school creates an atmosphere in which he can flourish. We are extremely pleased with his attitude and that he feels he can take his problems and preferences to staff and be listened to.

Parent of a year 11 student

This is an amazing school with amazing staff. They have provided my son with the emotional support that he needs to be successful

Parent of a year 10 student

We would like to thank the amazing staff at The Bridge School for all the support and patience that you have given to our son and ourselves. You have all helped to transform him into an amazing, affectionate and happy little boy. We are so proud of the progress he has made at The Bridge

Parent of a year 7 student

Myself and my child have been through a very difficult time, her being excluded from school was a very upsetting and distressing time. The staff at The Bridge School have welcomed us, reassured, supported and encouraged both of us, through this very difficult time, without judgement.

Parent of a year 10 student

The staff are accepting, understanding, assertive and supportive. They are equipped to deal with children’s emotional needs, in addition to academic needs. I truly am very humbled and grateful for all the hard work and effort made by the staff at The Bridge, from the friendly office staff, teachers to the head of the school

Parent of a year 10 student

I never thought I’d get to the place where we are today. He is determined to do well especially in History and it’s down to the time and effort that the school put in when he first came to you. Thank you, I feel like I have my boy back.

Parent of a year 11 student

My child’s keyworker, has helped instil confidences and independence in my child, that I was too scared to allow. My child now holds a travel pass and knows how to get out and about on public transport. She has visited various schools of interest and learnt how to look at both positives and negatives, with more maturity than before. Her keyworker has challenged her thought process and pushed her to think in different ways. He has kept the lines of communication open and transparent and stood in my child’s comer at all times.

Parent of a year 10 student

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