Unit 37
Catherine McDaid
I'm Catherine the hair and beauty Tutor, I'm passionate and committed to my job role supporting and encouraging learners to for fill there full potential, of a weekend I enjoy walking Pepper my Shug, and going the gym
Ray Shrimpton
Hi I’m Mr Shrimpton. I teach construction which includes bricklaying, plumbing and joinery. I enjoy teaching students how to make everything from garden furniture and bird tables, to building a garden wall or connecting copper pipe to a bathroom sink!
Tom Jude
Hi I’m Tom and I’m the Mechanics Tutor. I find it really rewarding to pass on my knowledge to students who may struggle in other areas. As a student, I attended a similar vocational centre which helped me achieve my goals of becoming a mechanic. I am hoping my knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject will inspire like-minded students.
Tracey Critchley
Tracey Critchley - Hi I'm Tracey the Painting and Decorating Tutor. I enjoy repurposing and upcycling wherever possible and have recently enjoyed renovating a boat on the Bridgewater Canal. I bring my passion to the more traditional elements of Painting and Decorating…come and have a look!
Ashley kinsella
Hi I’m Ashley the Hair & Beauty Assistant Tutor. I love my job as we get to do styling and colouring, hair, nails, make-up, and barbering which is always fun. At the weekend you'll find me stood on the side line of a football match no matter what the weather!
Lyle Andrews
Hi I’m Lyle and I’m an Assistant Tutor at The Bridge @ 37. I enjoy how every day is different in the vocational centre. During break times I will most likely be at the pool table! In my free time I enjoy keeping fit and grappling.