Nigel Hunt
I’m the Head. I’m proud of the staff and students of this school, and of what we achieve together.


Louise Ambler
I’m the deputy headteacher. I am proud to work at The Bridge School because together our students and staff make one big, happy family.
Wayne Alexander
Hi I'm Mr Alexander. I quality assure the school's ‘Alternative Provider’ partners to ensure that KS4 learners have an engaging and challenging curriculum. I also deliver Team Teach training that helps to develop staff skills in deescalating situations when learners are in crisis.
Renata Squire
I am the designated person for safeguarding at The Bridge School. The thing that I enjoy the most at The Bridge School is when past students come and visit us with fantastic news like they have secured a University place or gained full time employment. I also love the variety in my job which means that I am always occupied!
Bev MacQuire
I am the School Business Manager and currently the longest serving member of staff at the school! I am an avid reader & particularly enjoy historical fiction & psychological thrillers. I enjoy walking (with my dogs) and holidays away in my touring caravan.
Teaching Staff
Kelly Bennett
I'm Miss Bennett and I love teaching science almost as much as I love my dog Jerry. I like doing lots of practical lessons with students so we can design experiments to find out how things work and really see why Science is amazing!
Liz Towler
I am a key stage 3 Nurture Teacher. I enjoy working at The Bridge School and being part of such of a fantastic team. I am very proud of all the students and everything they achieve. In my spare time I love music, travel and socialising.
Janette Mogg
I am the maths teacher and my aim is to help students feel more confident about maths and realise they can be good at maths regardless of their starting point.
Peter Wood
I'm Mr Wood, one of the KS3 Nurture Teachers. Although I teach a range of different subjects, my favourite subject is History as I love to learn about and teach WW1 and WW2.
Billy Rennox
My name is Mr Rennox, but most people call me Billy! I am the teacher for ICT & general subjects. You’ll often find me talking about sport, especially rugby as I’m a huge Wigan Warriors fan.
Laura Welsh


Alex Carroll
Lead Instructor for Outdoor Education and Duke of Edinburgh programme which takes us all round the North West doing adventurous activities like Rock Climbing or Mountain Biking.
Sarah Pimlott-Smith
I'm the Outdoor Education Assistant, I enjoy supporting the students to challenge themselves and the excitement when they achieve things that seemed "impossible" or "scary" before. I spend all my free time adventuring, usually in North Wales white water kayaking or climbing.

Teaching Assistants

Keeley Glover
I am a key stage 3 teaching assistant in Nurture. My favourite thing about working at The Bridge School is supporting the students to make progress. It's a happy and interesting place to work! At the weekends, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, and going to gigs and festivals.
Liam Codd
Hi I’m Liam, one of the KS4 teaching assistants. When I’m not in school I enjoy playing football, playing my guitar and going to watch live bands.
Hannah Fleet
Hello, My name is Hannah. I am a Level Two Teaching Assistant. I'm very bubbly and you will definitely hear me before you see me! In my spare time I love to spend time with my husband, three children and our 5 dogs! 
Louise Bleasdale
I’m a Teaching Assistant in KS3 Nurture. I love supporting my class and seeing them make progress. In my spare time I enjoy long walks with my family and my dog.
Jez The Therapy Dog
Hi I'm Jerry the Bridge School Therapy Dog. When I am in work I am very busy. I love learning new things in lessons, listening to pupils read and sometimes attend counselling sessions. When students are anxious I try my best to cheer them up!.. I look forward to meeting you soon!
Chloe Bennett
I'm Chloe. I mostly work with KS4 learners but enjoy helping and having fun with all students. In my spare time i like to try out new classes in the gym!

Keyworker Team

Graham Dodd
I am the Deputy Head of Student Welfare. I enjoy trying to help all of our students reach their potential. I love playing and watching sport in my spare time, I’m a Chester FC lifer!
Joanne Corbett
I am a keyworker with additional responsibility for careers information, advice & guidance. I support learners with their transition from school into post 16 opportunities. The best part of my job is seeing the student's progress onto college, apprenticeship or a job.
Nita Deus
I am a keyworker, I love my Job because I work with fantastic young people and their families to support them socially and academically to reach their potential.
Jade Allport

Outreach Team

Martyn Jowett
'I co-ordinate and manage the Bridge School Reintegration Programme. In my spare time, I love gigging with my Dub-Ska band, Bad Dukes and Beggars'.
Rachel White
‘I work as part of the Outreach Team, supporting KS3 students, during their time on our Reintegration Programme. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my family, long walks in the countryside and visiting the gym’.
Bethany Finch
Support Staff
Peter Nelson
Hi I’m Peter, the school site manager. In my spare time I enjoy going on holidays and riding my motorcycle.
Nicola Gardner
I am the School Office Administrator and Receptionist. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, reading and baking cupcakes.
Rachel Shannon
I’m the Administrator at the Vocational Centre and also the school examinations officer. In my spare time I like spending time with my dog, Harley and my horse, Serren.

Centre 37

Catherine McDaid
I'm Catherine the hair and beauty Tutor, I'm passionate and committed to my job role supporting and encouraging learners to for fill there full potential, of a weekend I enjoy walking Pepper my Shug, and going the gym
Ray Shrimpton
Hi I’m Mr Shrimpton. I teach construction which includes bricklaying, plumbing and joinery. I enjoy teaching students how to make everything from garden furniture and bird tables, to building a garden wall or connecting copper pipe to a bathroom sink!
Tom Jude
Hi I’m Tom and I’m the Mechanics Tutor. I find it really rewarding to pass on my knowledge to students who may struggle in other areas. As a student, I attended a similar vocational centre which helped me achieve my goals of becoming a mechanic. I am hoping my knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject will inspire like-minded students.
Ashley Kinsella
Hi I’m Ashley the Hair & Beauty Assistant Tutor. I love my job as we get to do styling and colouring, hair, nails, make-up, and barbering which is always fun. At the weekend you'll find me stood on the side line of a football match no matter what the weather!
Eddie Heaton
Hi my name’s Eddie. I’ve been in the construction industry for a very long time! Becoming a tutor so that I can help young people to gain new skills is very rewarding.
Chris Judge
As Centre Manager @Centre37 I enjoy offering support to learners, helping them achieve their goals, learn new skill and improve their future prospects.

Murdishaw Centre

Lisa Hamer
I’m the Lead Professional @ Murdishaw. It’s a great job and no day is ever the same. I enjoy delivering a personalised curriculum that enables students to forge new skills and become independent young people. Seeing students believe in themselves makes my job so rewarding.
Jemma Beamish
Jemma Beamish - I’m the teaching assistant @ Murdishaw. I really enjoy my job working at The Bridge School and love the diversity it brings. In my spare time you will find me watching my daughters play football.