The Bridge School Training Team all work full-time with students in The Bridge School. This means they have a current and operational understanding of the challenges that are presented by the varied and often complex issues that young people can present with. In order to achieve the excellent outcomes with students that we have done, a team of staff has been evolved that are continually professionally evaluating their challenges and developing their skills. We work in line with the latest research and guidance, as well as believing in our own solutions to our local problems.
Nurture Development: The Bridge School was the first Pupil Referral Unit in the North West of England, and the second in the country, to receive The Nurture UK Award. Our whole school philosophy reflects the values of ‘Nurture’ and has produced enhanced rates of engagement and progress. We believe this philosophy is not restricted to specialist settings, but should underpin all school provisions in all phases and sectors of education.
Anticipation, Planning and De-escalation of Challenging Behaviour: When you know what is coming, you can plan for it. This is often easier said than done. There are many clues to understanding behaviour but sometimes we require developed process to help uncover those clues. Anticipating and planning for behaviour is the key to reducing its impact. Getting the correct strategies in place gives us valuable tools in our efforts to avoid and de-escalate disruptive and confrontational behaviours.
Assessments and Interventions: Knowing what assessment tools are available and what interventions to put in place, when working a with young person, is a fundamental part of developing a graduated support plan. We can help identify what type of assessments you can use for a given profile of behaviours, and help you to develop the skills to independently develop a broad and individualised range of interventions that will increase engagement and reduce the chance of placement breakdown.
Syndromes, Conditions, Disorders: A experienced operational view of how to identify and support young people with a range of recognisable conditions that impact on interaction, communication and behaviour.
Culture and Philosophy: For leadership teams; the ethereal undercurrent that sets the foundation for all your behavioural, and arguably academic, performance indicators. Can your staff explain what your school values are? Do they consistently apply them as a united team? Working successfully with cohorts of young people who experience and present significant challenges around their behaviour requires a united and consistent team. We look at how this is achieved and where the challenges lie.
TEAM TEACH: An accredited consistent approach to applying physical intervention with young people who present significant situational disruption and risk. Delivered by an Advanced TEAM TEACH Trainer with a broad operational experience of the challenges that are presented.
If you would like to develop any of these areas within your school, and would like The Bridge School to support or help guide this process, please contact Nigel Hunt on 01928-581301 or

The Training Team consists of :

Nigel Hunt

Renata Squire

Wayne Alexander

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