Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

At The Bridge School we believe that exposing people to new and challenging experiences is an effective way of helping them grow, and helping us see what strengths and development areas they have. We therefore use Outdoor and Adventurous Activities as a routine part of our curriculum offer for our Key Stage 3 students. Schools can also purchase daily KS4 student placements (as a form of Alternative Provision) to complete Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver Awards. This is fully Quality Assured and provides accredited outcomes.

Furthermore The Bridge School offers bespoke daily experiences and termly programs for schools who wish to use outdoor pursuits in a way that specifically reflects the needs of their students and school.

Activities include climbing, mountain biking, canoe and kayaking, orienteering, bush craft and many more. Governing Bodies issuing accreditations include Duke of Edinburgh, NICAS, BCU, amongst others.

Our Instructors have a wide range of routinely updated nationally recognised qualifications, and importantly, a thorough understanding and experience of managing challenging behaviour in a safe and planned way.

We support secondary schools and primary schools, virtual schools and care homes. The school continually operates under the strict guidance of an AALS Licence which should provide reassurance regarding the safety and quality of our service. In addition to this the Instructors work under the safeguarding and standards set by Ofsted and the DfE.

“I could talk to the instructors about anything. Doing this programme has helped me to respect people more. I haven’t kicked off at school. I think I’ve learned to control my anger in certain situations.”
Student from The Grange Academy

“I am proud that I attended and had a go at everything because I have anxiety. I am also pleased that the instructors understood me and proud that I trusted somebody new.”
Student from Sandymoor

“I was able to talk to Sarah and Alex whilst I was doing the activities, and I made new friends which makes me happy.”
Student from The Grange Academy

“I thought that I couldn’t do it. I said that I can’t climb that wall, but by week five I did. I am really proud of myself.”
Student from Sandymoor

If you would like to make a Referral for a student placement please contact:


Both staff are available on the main school number – 01928-581301.
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