Wow…it’s not every day that you get a visit from The Royal Court Theatre! Students and staff enjoyed the play Eve’s Story, the gritty follow up to Terriers, without even leaving school. Many students had seen Terriers on a school visit to the theatre. The Terriers  play posed the questions – what do you do when you’re fifteen and live on an estate where you get street cred for being in a gang? What do you do when you’ve got the chance of a decent future but the pull of the gang is too strong? And what are you gonna do when one of the gang passes you a gun and tells you, honour is at stake, use the gun to show you’re one of us?

Eve’s Story is the sequel to Terriers. Eve has always been popular. With her infectious smile and lively personality she could be the most popular and successful girl in school, but she doesn’t always turn up. The reason is simple. She thinks there are more important things happening. However, she’s vulnerable, naïve and has a real difficulty telling the good from the bad. She’s made a promise to be a better person but that’s easier said than done. Eve’s Story looks at the impact that life in a gang or on its fringes can have on young girls. With a growing rep for being tough and unshakeable Eve tries not to let the pressure show but she is becoming desperate to get back to safety, stability and happiness. Can she find a way out?

The actors kindly delivered a Q&A session at the end of the play. Students had lots of thoughts and questions…with one learner starting his response with “firstly before I ask a question, can I say that was a belter of a play…”

Neil Harris, Senior Relationship Manager, Arts Council England said:

“Since Terriers was commissioned by Merseyside Police in 2008, it has been seen by huge numbers of people. Highlighting issues such as gun and gang crime that are faced by young people it is a thought-provoking and moving play.”


Jane Kennedy, Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner said:

“I would like to see Terriers rolled out across all schools and communities.”


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