Dear Parents and Carers
As you will be aware, the national concern surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic is developing daily. The school is receiving regular updates and guidance from senior officials at the Local Authority and is following the Public Health guidance on managing control of the virus in schools.

Throughout the course of this situation, we have, and will continue to contact you regularly through our normal communication methods of;

• Weekly welfare calls/texts from Keyworkers
• School Comms
• The Bridge school website
• The school’s Facebook account

Linked here you will find the new Safeguarding Policy Addendum and some E-Safety advice. The full document is enclosed which details additional information about safeguarding during this unprecedented situation.

Can I draw your attention to the revised process for accessing education at The Bridge School (Fig. 2.8) which says;

2.8 If a parent I carer wishes to send their child into school, a phone call must be made to the school by 12 noon the previous working day so that adequate provision can be coordinated. Please call 07786277460 to book a place. If a place has been reserved and the child does not arrive then normal safeguarding procedures must be followed by the Senior Leader on site. Currently the school can offer places to students who are classed as ‘vulnerable’ or children of identified Critical Workers.

If you have any concerns, issues or questions you can call your Keyworker on the phone and they can still provide support, advice and guidance remotely. Alternatively, you can call the school mobile number if you would like to request a call back from a member of SLT- 07786277460.
Yours sincerely

Renata Squire

Head of Student Welfare
Designated Safeguarding Lead

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