Staff were thrilled to take delivery of these little lads and lasses, or Worry Monsters as they’re better known! The NSPCC supports the charity Knit-for-Nowt that was established in 2015 and originally supplied hand knitted and crocheted items to keep people warm.  However, as the charity grew it became apparent that there was an urgent need for items to help children heal from physical and psychological traumas. Worry Monsters are used as a way of helping children to deal with whatever is worrying them.  Children are more likely to express their feelings in this situation, and learn to trust the staff member through interactive role play using hand puppets.

The charity grew as more and more requests came in from teams of Social Workers and therapists working with children in distress. And so Knit-for-Nowt has transferred all of its energy into providing them. Mrs Glover and Mrs Bleasdale are currently undergoing ELSA training delivered by the Halton Educational Psychology Team, and hope to use these little monsters to help learners worries fly away. A massive thank you to all the amazing volunteers who knit for nowt! #knitfornowt #NSPCC #worrymonsters





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